We will arrange for the individual
to prepare lunch or dinner for their family or friends.

One-on-one, or in a small group session
Our experienced staff with understanding will assist and develop individuals who have special needs.
We mill develop a recipe that suits the individuals

Something easy to make, something healthy,or something that mould motivate them to cook.

Two sisters with down syndrome in the kitchen
Spectrum Cooking Class Making smoothies

Our program is designed for Individuals

A meal is not just a source of nutrition, it is deeply connected to one's learning of communication skills and a sense of love, whether it's through the delight of eating something tasty, the accomplishment of cooking for someone, or the joy of sharing a dish. We would love to create the opportunity for people on the spectrum to experience the happiness, fun of sharing and cooking food. It may be difficult at first to try new flavours, textures or senses, but we hope to be able to challenge that together and aim for a physically and mentally healthy routine of eating.

Kyoko Yoshida

Head Teacher
Shikisai Cooking Chef

Enjoy your own individual program

Teenage boy with Down's Syndrome cooking in a domestic kitchen

Develop confidence in the kitchen

Learn to gain life skills


Option1: We come to your home

If difficult to attend our kitchen, we can also adjust a time for us to visit and teach at your home.

Option2: Home packed ingredients

If requested, we will provide the recipe and certain ingredients for them to attempt at home with family or carers.