Shikisai Cooking
We have a great passion to share our experience, skills and knowledge with you.
Shikisai Cooking
We will make sure that you are full of confidence to cook Japanese cuisine before you go home.
Shikisai Cooking
We are here for you to have a place to learn both traditional and modern Japanese cuisine.
Shikisai Cooking
We are always doing our best to provide classes that suit you indivisually, whether you are a beginner or experienced.
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About Us

Shikisai offers cooking classes of every skill level in traditional Japanese cooking. Whether you just want to learn the basics, expand your cooking repertoire or learn some advanced dishes and commercial cooking, Shikisai can tailor your experience to your level. Our classes are run under the guidance of a passionate and professional Japanese chef with many years of training and industry experience. Shikisai will teach you the skills to create easy, simple, healthy and delicious Japanese dishes from scratch, arming you with the fundamental tools to take on any new dishes as well.

Shikisai offers small classes of up to 6 people, working with each individual, making sure everyone understands and has confidence before they finish class. We are a commercial kitchen and do not offer fanciness as a part of our class, but we do provide in-depth instructions and will customise each class to achieve your goals.

Our Classes

Group Class – Mirin & Soy Sauce

Group Class – Sushi

Private Class

Commercial Class

Kids and Family Class

Primary School and High School Class


A professional Japanese chef from Shikisai Cooking can visit your school, community centre, restaurant, workplace, or even outdoor event, to deliver a public cooking demonstration.

Gift Vouchers

A Sikisai gift voucher allows a recipient to book into the class and date of their choice.


Kyoko Yoshida
Head Teacher

Ryoko Kinoshita
Kids Class Teacher

Noriko Sakaguchi

Megumi Seta

Sachiyo Nakanishi


"The class was fun and informative, you got to snack on a few pieces of sushi as you go and you go home with a giant container of sushi so dinner is sorted! Kyoko is an incredibly knowledgeable and helpful teacher and really wants to show people that cooking Japanese food at home can be very easy if you learn a few basic skills. "

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