Shikisai Cooking
We help take the mystery out of Japanese food, so you can share it with your loved ones.
Shikisai Cooking
No matter your ability, we are here to give you confidence in cooking Japanese food.
Shikisai Cooking
Our passion is to develop your skills in mastering Japanese cuisine.
Shikisai Cooking
Intimate and personalised Japanese cooking classes suited to your needs.
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About Us

At Shikisai we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your goal of learning how to make healthy, authentic yet surprisingly simple Japanese dishes.

No matter your skill level, Shikisai will guide you in creating delicious Japanese dishes from scratch. You will also gain the fundamental tools to enable you to master more advanced dishes in the future.

We do this by keeping our classes to no more than six people. We find small and intimate classes best enable us to give you a thorough understanding of the techniques involved, and help you to gain confidence in your new found abilities

All our classes are run under the guidance of a passionate and professional Japanese chef with many years of training and vast experience in teaching the skills you desire to achieve.

As we are a commercial kitchen, we do not offer the fanciness often associated with Japanese cooking as a part of our class. Instead, we provide in-depth instruction, while customising our classes to achieve your goals.

Our Classes

Group Class – Mirin & Soy Sauce

Group Class – Sushi

Private Classes - tailored to your specific interests

Commercial Classes - for those in the industry

Family and Children’s Classes

School Classes to suit both Primary and Secondary students

Cooking Demonstrations for any occasion

Gift Vouchers

Shikisai gift vouchers are the perfect gift for anyone interested in Japanese food, or looking to expand their cooking skills.


Kyoko Yoshida
Head Teacher

Ryoko Kinoshita
Children’s Class Teacher

Noriko Sakaguchi

Megumi Seta

Sachiyo Nakanishi


"The class was fun and informative, you got to snack on a few pieces of sushi as you go and you go home with a giant container of sushi so dinner is sorted! Kyoko is an incredibly knowledgeable and helpful teacher and really wants to show people that cooking Japanese food at home can be very easy if you learn a few basic skills. "

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