After School Kids Class

Our after-school classes are designed to:

  • Develop your child's confidence
  • Inspire their creativity
  • Teach them the benefits of healthy cooking
  • Challenge them to try new things
  • Inspire children to cook for family and friends
  • Demonstrate how subtle changes in cooking can significantly change texture and flavour

Our classes are not limited to Japanese food, but instead include the following so your child can learn a wide variety of dishes and techniques:

  • Crumbed fish, chicken or vegetable skewers
  • Pizza making
  • Butter chicken
  • Pasta
  • Gnocchi
  • Meat or vegetable pies
  • Butter cake
  • Apple pie

- Suitable for ages from 9 to 12 years old
- Gluten free / Vegetarian ingredients available

Our next classes will commence in February 2022. Classes will be held on Tuesday nights.

Date*Commencing February 2022
Tuesday 3:30pm to 5:00pm

*Starting date to be confirmed

*Includes ingredients

Birthday Parties - Sushi Class / Bento Box Class

Two friendly staff from Shikisai, will come to your place, where we will assist the children in making either sushi rolls or bento boxes.
The ‘Birthday child’ will be the designated ‘chef’ for the occasion, and will learn to prepare teriyaki chicken in front of the other children.
Each child will make their own sushi (20 pieces) or bento box. Shikisai staff will cut the sushi rolls for them, and pack in a supplied take away container for them to take home if they wish
We will discuss the party plan beforehand with you when you make your booking.

*We can supply Gluten free options if required.


Duration1 hour
*We will require an extra hour for set up and tidy up.

*Includes sushi/ bento Box for 10 kids.
*We will supply the takeaway containers at no extra cost. There is also the option of supplying a Japanese-style bento box at extra cost. Please enquire when you book.

OptionsHire chef hat and apron: $2/pp
Extra child: $10/pp

School Holiday Classes

Shikisai offers the choice of either our sushi or bento box classes during the school holidays.
As with our after-school classes, these are designed to develop your child’s confidence while inspiring their creativity, all while showing them the benefits of healthy cooking.

- Suitable for children from nine to 12 years of age
- Gluten free / Vegetarian options also available

Bento Box Class
A bento box is a very colourful, fun dish containing a wide variety of food that kids will love making and decorating.

The children will make homemade meatballs, octopus shaped sausages, cheese omelettes and also hand roll sushi. They will also use cookie cutters to cut carrots, ham and cheese to decorate and add colour to their bento box.

Sushi Class
Shikisai will help your child make a familiar favourite, sushi rolls, from scratch.
They will learn to make tuna, chicken and vegetable sushi, along with hand rolls and art sushi.
Each child will make twenty pieces of sushi plus two hand rolls and one art sushi each, which they can take home to share.

DateWe have 2 school holiday classes in December.
Monday 20th December - Sushi
Tuesday 21st December – Bento Box
VenueRiverton Primary School Canteen
255 Corinthian Rd E, Riverton WA 6147
*Includes all ingredients

Private Holiday Class
We also offer Private holiday classes for school students from $400 for up to eight children.
Extra children are $50 each.
Please call for details.

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My children both attended your Bento cooking class today. Just letting you know that they both enjoyed the cooking class and learnt so much! They both want to do more cooking next school holidays. They came back home and ate up everything they made as it was delicious. I tried some of the food and it was very tasty.
Thank you for giving them such an enjoyable and wonderful cooking experience. Everyone there was so patient and friendly. We hope you continue to run more of these cooking classes with different cuisines.

16 July 2021

Family Cooking Classes

Share the joy of learning Japanese cooking with your child.
Shikisai will show you and your child how to make dishes such as gyoza, sushi, undo, okonomiyaki, etc
Please contact us regarding our different menu options.
Suitable for ages from six to 12 years of age.

Cost$180 (one adult and one child)
$250 (two adults and one child)
*Extra child: $30/pp