“This class was absolutely wonderful! With such a small group (6 people) it was very hands on and everyone got to cook their own dishes and alter to their own liking. I feel like a learned a lot of very practical skills and everything is transferable to the home kitchen! I can’t wait to recreate the meals at home!! Kyoko is so lovely and spends a lot of time explaining why each step was needed and about the Japanese culture around food. ”

WeTeachMe review

“Couldn’t recommend Shikisai Cooking more! Kyoko’s knowledge of traditional Osaka centred Japanese cooking is extensive. Kyoko does an amazing job at explaining and breaking down how Japanese food is prepared, served and eaten and how each aspect effects the other. Kyoko’s knowledge on traditional practices gives a greater depth of understanding of how Japanese cuisine came to be as unique as it is. The amount of dishes covered in the course and food you walk away with is value for money in itself. Kyoko does an amazing job at teaching the fundamentals of these dishes and making sure you understand as you go. If you want to learn how to cook Japanese this is the course for you!”

WeTeachMe review

“We thoroughly enjoyed the class, very generous in content and shared knowledge. We not only got to try some amazing dishes in class, but we came away with enough rice and food for several more meals at home and the ability to be able to recreate them in future. Would highly recommend the class to anyone thinking about doing it.”

WeTeachMe review

“I did the sushi class and Kyoko and her daughter were amazing, the lesson was very thorough and my family loved the sushi I made in this class. It was well worth the money spent on the class, I am looking forward to my next class.”

WeTeachMe review

“Absolutely amazing experience!!! Learnt how to make sushi, and Kyoko was an excellent teacher. Learnt not only about sushi, but Kyoko informed us of the traditions and history behind the food. You can’t ask for a better teacher, kind, patient and very informative. Explains the why’s behind the processes, not just the steps themselves. Sensational experience and sensational food, definitely worth a visit. Will be back for more classes!!!”

Google review

“Just finished a one-on-one Soy and Mirin cooking class. Kyoko was a great teacher, very knowledgeable and patient. She gave me heaps of information on how to cook with soy and mirin and I can’t wait to try things for myself. Will be going back for more in the near future. Definitely recommend to anyone interested in learning the basics of Japanese cooking.”

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See what major Perth food writers have to say about Shikisai Japanese Cooking Classes…

“The class was fun and informative, you got to snack on a few pieces of sushi as you go and you go home with a giant container of sushi so dinner is sorted! Kyoko is an incredibly knowledgeable and helpful teacher and really wants to show people that cooking Japanese food at home can be very easy if you learn a few basic skills. ”

Read more from CJ at Perth Munchkin

“Shikisai offers several different cooking classes such as sushi classes, a deep frying class, vegan and vegetarian classes as well as advanced classes to build upon skills already learnt. Classes cost $130 for three hours. I am going to do the sushi class next. I am hooked! Much to my husband’s delight, we were given the food we’d cooked to take home with us. So, as well as an enjoyable day, you also get dinner provided for that evening. Win, win.”

Tanya at Seasons Online

“The most exciting part however was learning how to actually roll the sushi. This is the part where the chance of something going wrong is the highest. Kyoko helped each of us individually the first time with a simple step to step procedure that made it so much easier, after doing it a couple of times, most of us got the hang of it and were rolling out sushi like the pros.”

Karina at Foodie Cravings

“I’d recently travelled to Japan and had a wonderful time. I went on an Intrepid food tour to discover Japanese cuisine, the history, and culture. We also attended a few cooking classes along the way so I can try and recreate some of the delicious dishes we came across. If you can’t make it to Japan, then the next best thing is visiting a cooking class and creating your own Japanese creations in your own kitchen. Fortunately, I came across one here in Perth, run by Kyoko Yoshida from Osaka.”

Shaun at Perth Food Reviews

“Ever wondered how to cut the perfect slice of sashimi, make immaculately shaped sushi rolls, or get the cloudiness of your miso soup just right?”

Scoop Magazine (Spring 2015)