Shikisai Cooking

The word “Shikisai” translates as “the colour of four seasons.”

Japanese food is often designed to represent the colours of a season, or even all four seasons. Shikisai also evokes the source and provenance of the quality ingredients we should always aim to use in our cooking, with seasonal foods giving a dish its unique taste and meaning.

Shikisai was founded to share our knowledge and give the ability to cook Japanese food to those that long to create high quality, healthy family meals.

We are Japanese cuisine teachers with the goal of giving you both the confidence and inspiration to cook delicious Japanese food, whether it is for a quiet family meal or a large dinner party.

Our Team

Growing up just outside of Osaka, professional chef Kyoko Yoshida has a lifelong desire to bring fresh, quality ingredients to the table. Coming from a family of excellent cooks, Kyoko grew up learning the best traditional methods and practises of Japanese cooking, and this was where her passion for cuisine was born.

Kyoko began her professional career as a registered nurse in Japan, specialising in food programming for patients with diabetes. She combined this knowledge of food and nutrition with her own passion, and after emigrating to Australia, opened her first restaurant in Perth in 2003.

Working as a professional chef bringing high quality Japanese cuisine to the people of Perth, Kyoko decided to share her knowledge and experience in cooking Japanese dishes and thus Shikisai Japanese Cooking was born in 2015.

Kyoko believes sharing a meal brings happiness and builds communication in relationships; and that anyone who wishes to cook healthy, quality Japanese cuisine can master new cooking skills that will last them a lifetime.

For Kyoko, Shikisai is an opportunity to share her love of bringing delicious Japanese food to the table, demystify Japanese cooking, and provide people with the skills to create their own dishes.

Kyoko Yoshida

Head Teacher

Ryoko Kinoshita

Kids Class Teacher

Noriko Sakaguchi


Megumi Seta


Sachiyo Nakanishi