Teriyaki Chicken

If you’re new to Japanese cooking, or even have some experience, our Mirin and Soy Sauce cooking class is the one we recommend for anyone wanting to learn how to make their own delicious Japanese food at home.
This class teaches you how, through the use only a handful of readily available ingredients, you can create a wide variety of Japanese dishes, such as teriyaki chicken or katsudon.
We will guide you through making your own choumiryou (seasoning, condiments) combinations of mirin, soy sauce, sake, miso and vinegar. You will also learn to make traditional Japanese stock from scratch.
This course will teach you how to combine these ingredients, and adjust them as necessary, to enable you to prepare your own Japanese flavoured food, even without a recipe to follow!
Your new found knowledge is perfect for those wishing to make any of the following:


  • Stock
  • Teriyaki chicken/fish/tofu with BBQ Sauce/garlic sauce/ginger sauce
  • Ginger sauce, BBQ sauce, Tempura sauce, Ponzu dressing
  • Making stock
  • How to use starch for deep frying
  • Agedashi tofu/eggplant
  • Ankake (thick gravy) fish/tofu
  • Noodle dishes
  • Donburi (Rice dishes)
  • Japanese style rice

Plus many more!!

*Vegan/vegetarian and gluten free options available. Please contact us for details.

Duration3 hours
Group Class"
Group Class"

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This class was absolutely wonderful! With such a small group (6 people) it was very hands on and everyone got to cook their own dishes and alter to their own liking. I feel like a learned a lot of very practical skills and everything is transferable to the home kitchen! I can't wait to recreate the meals at home!! Kyoko is so lovely and spends a lot of time explaining why each step was needed and about the Japanese culture around food.

SELINA, 26 October 2020

We thoroughly enjoyed the class, very generous in content and shared knowledge. We not only got to try some amazing dishes in class, but we came away with enough rice and food for several more meals at home and the ability to be able to recreate them in future. Would highly recommend the class to anyone thinking about doing it.

KERRY, 10 December 2019

Couldn't recommend Shikisai Cooking more! Kyoko's knowledge of traditional Osaka centred Japanese cooking is extensive. C does an amazing job at explaining and breaking down how Japanese food is prepared, served and eaten and how each aspect effects the other. Kyoko's knowledge on traditional practices gives a greater depth of understanding of how Japanese cuisine came to be as unique as it is. The amount of dishes covered in the course and food you walk away with is value for money in itself. Kyoko does an amazing job at teaching the fundamentals of these dishes and making sure you understand as you go. If you want to learn how to cook Japanese this is the course for you!

BENJAMIN, 10 December 2019

Had a fun mirin and soy sauce class. Interesting insights into Japanese food and culture. Kyoko is a lovely teacher and with simple principles for making delicious meals. Thank you so much.

JESICA, 04 November 2019

This was a great course. We didn't just learn recipes but learnt how to alter them or come up with our own ones, all with a very small number of ingredients. Who knew you could make most Japanese sauces with 3 ingredients? We learnt the theory as well as the practice in an enjoyable way.

RICHARD, 19 September 2018

We really enjoyed the Japanese cooking class on Sunday, great having a small group so you can be more involved.

TIM, 14 June 2018

It was the best class of this type that I have attended. Informative, professional, friendly and great value for money. I will be attending more courses by Shikisai.

GEOF, 26 July 2017

The course was exactly what I was after. It gave me the basics of how to flavour Japanese food and a good platform to develop my skills. Kyoko was not only very knowledgeable but explained things well. I will be back to do further classes with her.

GREG, 30 June 2016

Great course, learnt lots of little tricks, and how easy it was to make teriyaki chicken, going to book the sushi course next.

DONNA, 24 March 2016

We loved the class! Teaching was excellent quality And plenty of time to cover the basics and get hands on at individual cooking stations. Have since nailed the teriyaki chicken at home to the delight of my family.

HAYLEY, 10 March 2016

Teriyaki chicken, miso soup, fried tofu; the most important skill I learned is about the seasoning, miso, mirin, soy sauce, set up the basic taste for Japanese food. Very enjoyable atmosphere for learning. Thanks, Kyoko.

YINGTAO, 26 February 2016