Shikisai Japanese Cooking classes provide enjoyable, expert cooking tuition in an intimate small-group environment.

Our classes are not so much a social event as a practical learning experience, where you will learn the skills and knowledge required to create delicious and healthy Japanese cuisine time and time again.

You will discover how even the most subtle changes in preparation can change the complexity of flavour of your favourite dishes, so you can make them to suit any palate

Classes run for approximately three hours, and as there is a maximum of six students, your teacher can provide you with individual attention and assistance.

Shikisai provides all the ingredients and the commercial cooking facility in which to learn.

Choose between a group session or one of our private classes. There’s a lot to learn in each class, and you will love the experience of sharing in the Shikisai passion for quality food!

See our full list of classes below.

Group Class – Mirin & Soy Sauce

Group Class – Sushi

Private Class

Commercial Class

Children’s and Family Classes

School Classes